Say it with your project

Watch the fantastic brand-new spot that we've made with Pep Bosch!
To get more information about the spot and the Hornbach campaign have a look on horizont.net and creativity-online.com.

Director: Pep Bosch
Agency: Heimat Berlin


Seven Deaths of a bird

This film is an intimate and surreal journey through the torn heart of a passionate women narrated in seven songs. The traumatic ending of her true love throws her into a dark void and a deep numbness. To heal, her pain had to be transformed into music. In the dark recesses of her withdrawn soul, music come to her in her phantasmal psychosis, she hears these songs and sings them.

Get more infos on http://meretsevendeathsofabird.com.

Director: Ralf Schmerberg
Producers: Meret Becker and Ralf Schmerberg
The film is a production by Mindpirates, Claire Werke, Trigger Happy Productions and Studio Babeldberg.


Better starts now

New film by Johan Kramer !

Director: Johan Kramer
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy


Novelties that Bring Novelties

We proudly present Pep Boschs new IKEA spot for the spanish market.

Director: Pep Bosch
Agency: SCPF Barcelona
Production: Albert

What difference does it make?

A Film About Making Music

Enjoy the trailer for the 95 min. feature documentary directed by Ralf Schmerberg.
The film is about the journey it takes, when someone decides to devote his life to you music.
It will be premiered in 61+ cities around the world on February 17th.
Starting from February 18th you can watch the film for free on http://redbullmusicacademy.com
See more at http://mindpirates.org/verein/?p=5811

Director: Ralf Schmerberg
Production: Mindpirates