Made of 6.401 colored garbage cans, the little polar bear presents the new awareness campaign "Trennstadt-Berlin" of Berlins public cleansing service BSR. The capital has a new figurehead!


Feature Film

by Ralf Schmerberg

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Director Ralf Schmerberg renders german lyric into shimmering, dazzling images supported by actors, such as; Meret Becker, Klaus Maria Brandauer, David Bennent and Juergen Vogel, who give a ‚face’ to text by; Heiner Mueller, Hermann Hesse, Heinrich Heine and Ingeborg Bachmann.

A play with words and dreams, unfulfilled longings and symbolism.


a global dialog

Dropping knowledge is a global initiative that promotes free expression and communication of knowledge. As a source, the project uses the democratic power the internet potentially has to offer in order to enable a new dialogue for society.


Short Film

by Basia Baumann

In the Bosnian War, young Sara loses her family in a brutal way. Traumatized, she wanders through town and joins up with a youth-gang. When the opportunity arises, Sara taked cold-blooded revenge for the murderers, but her inner voice asks: Must I repay same with same?

Because children are voiceless, Basia Baumann wanted to give voice to the voiceless through SARA.
SARA is based on a true story.

Berliner Kurzfilmrolle
1 rank  for „Sara“/ Basia Baumann
cellu l’art
audience prize for „Sara“/ Basia Bauman



by Johan Kramer

Das Wunder von Mühlenbeck, examines and analyzes in an amusing and entertaining way, an unbelievable scandal in the southern lower-class.

A typical match-BBC Birkenwerder against SV Mühlenbeck.

The score 6:0

Only, the match has never taken place!

A modern football fairy-tale about the fascination of football, irritating old men, a damaged knee, five breathtaking goals, and two teams who had apparently lost everything,  and then, nevertheless, still got off well.

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